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Washed Camel Hair

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Washed Camel Hair
This is for 2 ounces of washed camel hair.

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This is for 2 ounces of washed camel hair. This is from Connie. Great for spinning, felting or needle felting. One thing about farm produced camel hair is the more you work it the softer it gets. I have spun some of this pure and once it is washed (set), I beat it against the wall and it softened it even more. There maybe a small amount of vm left in this. After all, this did come from a camel, camels live outside, sleep in a barn and eat hay let alone roll in a dust bowl! I have done my best to remove it, but there seems to always be a small amount remaining!

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Camelid: Camel
Color Family Brown
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed